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Welcome to Amble RNLI Station

Amble is quite a busy station, take a look at our shouts. In recent years we have seen an increase in leisure activity on the sea with a corresponding rise in service calls. A frequent call is to stand by and escort fishing and leisure craft into Amble harbour which has a very dangerous entrance with heavy breaking seas in swell conditions.

Response times for our Lifeboats are very fast with the Inshore Lifeboat being launched inside of four minutes (even through the night) and the All Weather Lifeboat in six minutes. At night even if the call is only for the Inshore Lifeboat we also launch the All Weather Lifeboat for extra assistance and safety.

In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.
Or radio contact on

      MF 2182 kHz
    VHF Channel 16

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Working in Partnership

We work in close co-operation with the Maritime Coast Guard Agency (MCA), liaising with the Humber Maritime Rescue Control Centre in the event of an incident. Upon receiving a mayday or 999 call from the public the MRCC will contact our Lifeboat Operations Manager or a Deputy Launch Authority to request our attendance and, if permission to launch is given, the crew are paged with details of which boats are required to attend.

Upon receiving a page, the crew abandon their ordinary lives and race to the station to don wellies and water-proofs and become lifeboatmen, fearless children of Poseidon, braving stormy seas to save lost souls before returning to port for a nice cup of tea.

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