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Tuesday January 30th 2007

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Wind: W 3-4
Visibility: Good
Sea state: 1/2m swell
Time of launch: 1350hrs
Time of return: 1550hrs

Boats launched: ALB

Reason: Amble Lifeboat was requested to launch after the fishing vessel MV Solan, with 2 P.O.B, reported she was taking water approx. 6 miles East of Amble. Managing to control the ingress of water, another local fishing vessel MV Marny Gemma started to tow the Solan towards Amble. Amble Lifeboat took over the tow back to Amble Harbour with a pump on stand-by if required

Wednesday January 17th 2007

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Wind: 6-7
Visibilty: Good
Sea state: Moderate
Time of launch: 1805hrs
Time of return: 1900hrs

Boats launched: ALB and ILB

Reason: Both lifeboats were requested to launch after Humber Coastguard recieve a 999 call from a member of the publlic reporting a red flare sighting in the area North East of Amble Harbour. A search was performed in the area using radar, night vision equipment and searchlights but nothing was found. There were some workmen burning rubbish on Coquet Island at the time and it is belived to have been this or sparks from this that was the cause of the 999 call. After confirming with local coastgurad units on the shore both boats returned to station.