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Sunday July 29th 2007

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Wind: NW 2-3

Visibility: Good

Sea state: Slight

Time of launch: 0355hrs

Time of return: 0505hrs

Boats launched: ALB and ILB

Reason: Both Amble Lifeboats were requested to launch after an angler at Alnmouth reported a sailing yacht drifting out to sea with apparently no-one in command. First on scene with Amble ILB was Boulmer Coastguard Rescue Team and they located the yacht grounded on the North side of Alnmouth river. After closer inspection by the ILB it became apparent the yacht had simply broke free from its moorings and as it was a local boat, it was decided by the Coxswain on Amble ALB that the ILB crew should just set the yachts anchor to hold it secure. Once this was achieved both boats returned to station and Boulmer Coastguard team later contacted the yachts owner who was able to return the yacht to its river mooring.

Tuesday 19th July 2007

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Wind: W 2-3

Visibility: Good

Sea state: Slight

Time of launch: 0912hrs

Time of return: 0950hrs

Boats launched: ILB

Reason: Amble ILB was requested to launch after several reports were received reporting a small dinghy floating out to sea just North of Amble. After locating the dinghy and conducting a search it was found that no-one had been with the dinghy and it had come from the shore. The ILB returned to station with the dinghy.

Sunday July 8th 2007

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Wind: W 3-4

Visibility: Good

Sea state: Slight 0.5m swell

Time of launch: 1525hrs

Time of return: 1625hrs

Boats launched: ALB and ILB

Reason: Both Lifeboats were launched after the vessel ‘Hygeia’ reported mechanical failure 2 miles South of Coquet Island. Amble ILB was on scene first but with the casualty vessel in no immediate danger they waited on the ALB arriving on scene to take the vessel under tow back to Amble.