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Saturday August 18th 2007

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Wind: SSE 4

Visibility: Moderate

Sea state: Slight

Time of launch: 1730hrs

Time of return: 1930hrs

Boats launched: ALB

Reason: Amble ALB was launched after the 7m yacht ‘Pintail’, with 5 persons on board, reported they had lost power and their rudder 1 mile East of Creswell. Once on scene a crewmember was transferred from the lifeboat to the casualty vessel, a tow was rigged and the yacht was towed back to Amble Marina.

Wednesday August 8th 2007

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Visibility: Good

Sea state: Moderate

Time of launch: 1207hrs

Time of return: 1300hrs

Boats launched: ALB and ILB

Reason: Both Lifeboats were requested to launch immediately after reports were received of a small 10ft speedboat sinking in the entrance to Amble Harbour after being overwhelmed by the seas. On scene very quickly the ILB managed to pluck the 4 occupants of the boat from the sea and transfer them straight to the ALB where they were given first aid after being in the sea for some time. With the speedboat floating just under the surface of the water, the ALB took it under tow to empty some of the water from the boat, with this achieved the ILB took over the tow of the vessel back to Amble boat club and the survivors were taken back to the Lifeboat Station.

Sunday 5th August 2007

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Wind: SSE 3-4

Visibility: Good

Sea state: Slight

Time of launch: 1440hrs

Time of return: 1520hrs

Boats launched: ALB and ILB

Reason: Both Amble Lifeboats were launched after a small pleasure vessel reported mechanical failure near rocks just South of Coquet Island. Once on scene the ILB was able to tow the vessel back to Amble with the ALB escorting both vessels.