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Sunday May 25th 2008

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Date: Sunday May 25th 2008

Wind: NE 6-7
Visibility: Good
Sea state: 5m swell
Time of launch: 0810hrs
Time of return: 1115hrs


Boats launched: ALB

Reason: Humber Coastguard requested the immediate launch of Amble ALB after the ex F.V ‘Ranger’ reported taking water approximately 9 miles ENE of Amble. On reaching the casualty it was decided by the Coxswain to transfer two crew to the vessel, with the lifeboat’s salvage pump. The Coxswain instructed the skipper of the vessel what course to steer at slow speed to enable the transfer to take place. This was to be a very tricky manoeuvre with a 5m swell running, as the casualty vessel was rolling and pitching heavily, but using all his skill, the Coxswain managed to get the ALB alongside with enough time transfer the crew and the pump.
With the lifeboat crew safely aboard, they were able to pump out the vessel, and with no apparent leaks in the hull, the vessel was escorted into Amble under her own power. Just inside the harbour, with the tide being low, and ignoring instruction for the Lifeboat, the casualty ran aground on a sand bank, however the ALB managed to attach a tow line to tow it into deeper water and secure the vessel alongside the quay.

Saturday May 24th 2008

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Date: Saturday May 24th 2008

Wind: NE 3-4
Visibility: Good
Sea state: 1m swell
Time of launch: 1425hrs
Time of return: 1510hrs

Boats launched: ALB and ILB

Reason: Humber Coastguard requested the immediate launch of both Amble Lifeboats after they received a 999 call from the owner of a 17’ cabin cruiser stating he had lost engine power and was drifting towards the rocks on the shore, and there were 3 other people with him. When asked his position, the skipper could only say he had left the piers and ‘turned right’, so with very little information the Lifeboats had to conduct a search to locate the vessel. Amble ILB was first on scene just to the south of Amble where the vessel had actually been washed onto the beach and everyone had managed to get ashore safely. With Amble ALB on scene, the ILB took a towline from the ALB to the casualty and they managed to get the vessel back out to sea. The occupants of the vessel returned to Amble with the Coastguard whilst the ILB escorted the ALB with the casualty under tow, back to Amble.

Wednesday May 14th 2008

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Date: Wednesday May 14th 2008

Wind: NE 2
Visibility: Good
Sea state: Slight
Time of launch: 1830hrs
Time of return: 2145hrs

Boats launched: ALB and ILB

Reason: Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Amble ILB after members of the public reported an upturned canoe at the entrance to Amble Harbour. Quickly on scene, the ILB recovered the canoe back to the station whilst the local Coastguard teams carried out some investigations as to where it may have originated. Some members of the public on the harbour mentioned they had seen some children playing with the canoe earlier on in the day and so a search was initiated. Amble Lifeboat was requested to launch to assist the ILB, along with Rescue SeaKing 131 from RAF Boulmer and the local Coastguard rescue teams. As the search was under way, local Police examined the CCTV footage from the Harbour area and were able to identify the children who had been with the canoe, and further investigations revealed all were safe and well in their homes. All units were stood down and returned to station.