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Monday 13th October 2008

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Date: Monday 13th October 2008

Wind: ENE 2-3
Visibility: Good
Sea state: Moderate
Time of launch: 0530hrs
Time of return: 0730hrs

Boats launched: ALB

Reason: Humber Coastguard requested the immediate launch of Amble Lifeboat after the fishing vessel ‘PROVIDER’ reported she was taking on water in the Craster area. Craster Lifeboat was also launched to stand by the vessel until Amble Lifeboat arrived, in case the crew of the fising vessel needed evacuating. Once Amble Lifeboat was on scene, two crew members were put on board with the salvage pump to help stem the ingress of water. With the pump running, a tow was passed to the fishing vessel and Amble Lifeboat commenced the tow back to Amble as Craster Lifeboat returned to station. Once back in Amble harbour, the ‘PROVIDER’ was secured alongside the quay, and with the water ingress stopped, Amble Lifeboat returned to station and was made ready for service once more.