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Tuesday 14th June 2010

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Date: Tuesday 14th June 2010

Wind: SE 2
Visibility: Good
Sea state: 3-4m swell
Time of launch: 1200hrs
Time of return: 1500hrs

Boats launched: ALB + ILB


Reason: Both lifeboats were launched after the fishing vessel ” HARVEST DAWN ” grounded at the harbour entrance. The ILB tried to pull the vessels head to sea, but with the breaking swell the ILB could not turn the vessel. The skipper of the vessel had already called on another fishing vessel the ” NATALIE KRISTEN 2 ” to try and pull him off before the lifeboats were launched, so as the ALB arrived on scene the casualty had been pulled clear of the sand bank by the other fishing vessel. Both Lifeboats stood by until there was enough water for the casualty to enter safely into the harbour, while standing by, two yachts had approached the harbour and so they too were escorted into the safety of the harbour when their was enough water. Both boats then returned to station, were refuelled and made ready for service.