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Thursday 12th May 2011

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Date: Thursday 12th May 2011

Wind: SW 2
Visibility: Good
Sea state: Slight
Time of launch: 0852hrs
Time of return: 1025hrs

Boats launched: ALB


Reason: An early start to the day took place for the crew of Amble RNLI All-weather
Lifeboat The Four Boys as their pagers went off for a launch just before 9.00am
this morning. As a precaution, the Coastguard also requested the launch of
Newbiggin lifeboat.

The crew were paged at 08.52 hrs by HM Coastguard who had received information
that the 29ft day-fisher vessel Wasp had suffered mechanical trouble and required
assistance. She was reported as being in the Druridge Bay area and had 3 persons
on board.
The Amble All-weather lifeboat The Four Boys was launched immediately and made
safe progress to the location of Wasp which was 2.5 miles east of Hadston Carrs
a position approximately 4 miles south-east of Amble Harbour. Upon arrival at the
scene, it soon became obvious that the Skipper was suffering from sea sickness and
he was transferred to Amble lifeboat for treatment.

A volunteer crewman was then placed on board Wasp and a tow was rigged
ready for transport back to the safety of Amble Harbour. In the meantime and as
a precaution, the Coastguard had also requested the launch of Newbiggin RNLI
lifeboat to assist in the operation. Newbiggin arrived on scene and after establishing
all was well, and all casualties were safe, returned to station to be made ready for
any subsequent launches.

Wasp was then taken under tow and back into Amble Marina where she was tied up
for repairs and Amble lifeboat then returned to station and was refuelled and made
ready for service again.