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Tuesday 20th March 2012

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Date: Tuesday 20th March 2012

Wind: Light – WSW 4-5
Visibility: Good
Sea state: Calm/Modearte
Time of launch: 0830hrs

Boats launched: ALB & ILB


Reason: At 0830hrs this morning, Humber Coastguard received a call notifying them that the 8m Cabin Cruiser ‘NEVER SATISFIED V’, with 2 persons on board had run on to rocks on the South West corner of Coquet Island.

Upon hitting the rocks, the casualty vessel had damaged it’s propeller and hull, causing a mechanical failure of the engine.

Both Amble Lifeboats were launched together with the rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer, and were on scene within 10min of the initial call.

The ILB was able to approach the casualty and pass a tow rope to her and pull them to deeper water, where upon the tow was passed to the Amble Lifeboat. The casualty was then towed back to the safety of Amble Harbour.

Thursday 15th March 2012

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Date: Thursday 15th March 2012

Wind: Light – SW 2-3
Visibility: Good
Sea state: Calm
Time of launch: 1155hrs

Boats launched: ALB & ILB


Reason: Both Amble Lifeboat and Amble ILB were launched at 1155hrs, after NEVER SATISFIED V, an 8mtr motor cruiser with 3 POB, reported they were taking on water 4.5.Miles south of Amble.

Both boats made best speed to the casualty vessel, with the ALB readying the salavge pump for use when on scene. Once on scene, two Lifeboat crew were transferred to the vessel to try and source where the water was coming from and to try and start the engine. Unable to get the engine started, a tow line was attached and Amble Lifeboat towed the casulaty vessel back to Amble Marina, escorted by the ILB.