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Wednesday 25th July 2012

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Date: Wednesday 25th July 2012

Wind: W 1
Visibility: Good
Sea state: Slight
Time of launch: 1745hrs
Time of return: 1930hrs

Boats launched: ALB


Reason: Amble Lifeboat station received it’s third evening call for assistance this week,
when HM Coastguard requested them to go to the assistance of a small 7 metre yacht ‘The Happy Lass’,
that had encountered engine failure 6 miles north of Amble and 1.5 miles off Howick cove.

The Amble All-weather Lifeboat ‘The Four Boys’ was launched at 17.45hrs

Reaching the casualty within 20 mins of receiving the call, a tow was made and the Lifeboat proceeded to tow the yacht back to it’s mooring in Amble arriving back at the Harbour at 19.30hrs.

Again as reported yesterday the fact that the causality had the correct safety equipment on board and importantly a VHF radio helped to make a swift and successful conclusion to this call out for assistance.

Tuesday 24th July 2012

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Date: Tuesday 24th July 2012

Wind: W 2
Visibility: Good
Sea state: Slight
Time of launch: 2120hrs
Time of return: 2155hrs

Boats launched: ALB


Reason: Following a request from HM Coastguard, Amble all weather lifeboat, The Four Boys was launched in the late evening last night to go to the assistance of a 8 metre Angling Boat, with engine failure.

‘The Wasp’, with 3 POB, had complete engine failure and was adrift ¾ mile east of Amble Piers.

Swift progress was made to the casualty where a tow was made fast and the casualty was towed into Amble Harbour and made fast to its moorings in the river Coquet..

The swift action was able to be under taken by the fact that The Wasp was suitably equipped with VHF radio and all necessary safety equipment.
However we would like to remind every one that Mobile telephones are not recommended as a means of emergency communication at sea as they can not be picked up on radio direction equipment

Sunday 22nd July 2012

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Date: Sunday 22nd July 2012

Wind: SW 5-6
Visibility: Good
Sea state: Moderate
Time of launch: 1644hrs
Time of return: 1900hrs

Boats launched: ALB + ILB

Reason: Following a request from HM Coastguard, both Amble Lifeboats where launched to
assist in a search for a missing Yacht initially reported in difficulty south of the Farne

Both Seahouses Lifeboats had been out searching for a while but to no avail,
therefore HM Coastguard moved the search south to the Coquet Island area.

The report was received by way of a mobile phone to HM Coastguard and it stated the missing
boat was a seven metre yacht named The Kittiwake

Both Amble Lifeboats were launched at 16.44hrs and commenced a search in the
Coquet Island area and 3 miles out to sea in good visibility but with a wind from the
South/West of force 5/6 and a 2/3 metre swell running.

The Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer also assisted in the search both around
the Farnes and Coquet Island.

The Inshore lifeboat also conducted a search up the Coquet river and Amble Marina
to see if by chance the yacht could have returned to port.

After a search of over two hours nothing of searching for the missing yacht with nothing found. HM Coastguards terminated the search believing that it may have been a false report.

The Lifeboats returned to station at 19.00hrs

Thursday 12th July 2012

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Date: Thursday 12th July 2012

Wind: NE 3
Visibility: Good
Sea state: Slight
Time of launch: 1330hrs
Time of return: 1730hrs

Boats launched: ALB

Reason: HM Coastguard requested the launch of Amble ALB when it became known
that the 29ft yacht Jadocam had fouled herself on fishing ropes that had become
entangled and left her without motorised propulsion 5 miles south of Coquet Island.

The Four Boys quickly arrived on scene, where there was just the Skipper on board,
and assessed the situation. It became obvious that she would need to be towed
back to a safe harbour for repairs to take place and due to the low tide, Amble RNLI
Coxswain David Bell decide that the quickest course of action was to tow her to Blyth
rather than wait in the open sea for the tide to be high enough to get into Amble

Jadocam was then taken to Blyth harbour and was made safe at approximately
15.45, after which Amble lifeboat returned to her station and was refuelled and made
ready for service.

Saturday 7th July 2012

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Date: Saturday 7th July 2012

Wind: E 1-2
Visibility: Thick Fog
Sea state: River in flood
Time of launch: 1210hrs
Time of return: 1230hrs

Boats launched: ILB

Reason: HM Coastguard requested the launch of Amble ILB after a person was reported stranded on a moored yacht after losing the oar from his dinghy. As the river was in flood, it was decided to launch the ILB to help locate and assist the person back to shore.

Not knowing which yacht the person was on and with the thick fog and very poor visibility, the ILB searched the moored yachts, which was made tricky by the river being in flood and flowing at 7 – 8 knots.

Eventually the person was located, and he, along with his dinghy were landed safely on the shore at the sailing club. The ILB then returned to station, and made ready for service once more.

Person stranded on his boat having lost the oar to his dingy, the river was in flood with the water travelling at about 7-8 knots
the ILB reached the casualty not knowing which boat he was on because of thick fog once along side they took the person onboard the ILB and with his dingy in tow they landed him onshore
returned to station refuelled and made ready for service.