Saturday 6th July 2013

Date: Saturday 6th July 2013

Wind: SW 3
Visibility: Good
Sea state: Slight
Time of launch: 1405hrs
Time of return: 1505hrs

Boats launched: ALB & ILB

Reason: Both Amble All-weather lifeboat The Four Boys and the D class Inshore Lifeboat Mildred Holcroft were launched today in response to a yacht requesting assistance with a medical emergency.

The volunteer crew members were paged at 14.05 hrs by H M Coastguard when it became known that a 20-foot yacht ‘GrowlTiger’ reported that a male member of the crew had collapsed and become unconscious. Both boats were launched and they met the casualty vessel as she returned to Amble Harbour. Crew members were transferred to the yacht to give first-aid to a male passenger who was suffering from a diabetes attack whilst the lifeboat escorted the vessel swiftly back to Amble Marina.

Once safely returned to Amble Marina, the Inshore lifeboat returned to Amble Lifeboat Station and transported a visiting doctor over to the casualty at the Marina berth. First-aid continued at the berth until the arrival of the ambulance to transport the gentleman to hospital.
Once the casualty handover was complete, both boats returned to station and were re-fuelled and made ready for the next service again.

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