Thursday 25th July 2013

Date: Thursday 25th July 2013

Wind: SE 2/3
Visibility: Poor – foggy
Sea state: Slight
Time of launch: 0900hrs
Time of return: 0945hrs

Boats launched: ALB + ILB

Reason: Both Lifeboats launched to assist the fishing coble James & Amy who had reported being in difficulty at the North side of Amble Harbour. Arriving on scene, the casualty was found to be grounded on the sand after fouling the propeller in salmon nets, no attempt was made to try and refloat the vessel off as this would have caused damage with the state of the tide. The ILB stood by and helped to cut the nets from the propeller, they also put anchors out to stop the vessel from drifting further up the beach when the tide started to flow. The ALB returned back to station as nothing could be done.
The ILB followed shortly after, when the tide flowed the casualty refloated and continued with their fishing.

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