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A Little About the Crew

There are currently 24 crew members at our Lifeboat station and one full time mechanic. Volunteers are from all manner of professions, some are fishermen but we have electricians, joiners, civil servants and we even boast about having the local high school headmaster. Every member is on call every minute of every day or night regardless of weather conditions.

The station also has a Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM), who is responsible for authorising the launching of the boats and is our contact with most of the outside media and the hierarchy at Lifeboat Headquarters in Poole, Dorset. He is supported by two Deputy Launching Authorities who take over his duties in case of his absence from station. If medical advice is required we have the able assistance of our Honorary Medical Advisor who is one of our local GP's

Everyone concerned with the station is of equal importance and is required to give total commitment. If the pager activates, each crewmember is expected to do his or her utmost and respond if they are able. All Station personnel carry an electronic pager (even to bed) as they never know when they will receive a shout. It has been known for crew to turn up on a shout half shaven or with their trousers on backwards.