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Some of the lifeboat crew

Visitors to the Station

We welcome visitors to the station, though we are only able to accommodate groups and school parties by appointment. If you would like to arrange a group visit, please contact our Visitor Liaison Officer.

Our Station & Community

The Amble Lifeboat has been a part of the local community since 1842. In these pages we would like to share some of the history and achievements of the station and crew, in addition to providing some information on our equipment, operations and events.

Some of the links are to resources on the national RNLI website, which is separately operated. These will open in a new window in your browser.

The Amble Lifeboat Station

Radcliffe Quay
NE65 0BE

(01665) 712460

Souvenir Shop

Open From
Easter to Winter

10am - 4pm
Friday - Sunday
subject to volunteers

Visitor Liaison

John Young

(01665) 712916

Our Lifeboats

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The Amble Lifeboat Fundraisers

We have a very active fundraising committee in Amble Lifeboat Fundraisers (ALF).

ALF is made up from a broad cross section of townspeople and also includes many crewmembers’ wives. They raise in excess of £10,000 every year by organising and running functions and our harbour day which normally takes place every August Bank Holiday Sunday.

New volunteers are always welcome and any help is most appreciated. If you would like to contact ALF to offer your assistance, you may call on (01665) 713479.

Latest Events

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